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Thanks for looking at my site. If you are looking for nubians, I'm afraid I no longer have any. I am in the process of trying to update my site to show some of my poultry.


When I decided to begin keeping chickens, I wanted the prettiest that I could find. There are a lot of different chicken breeds that I like, but I have been attracted to gamefowl since childhood. My parents kept a yard of gamefowl for a neighbor and I always thought they were pretty. I knew there were "red" and "greys" but other than that I was not familiar with the different breeds and I wanted some variety and uniqueness in the color.

In searching the internet for breeds and sources, I found a picture of this rooster.

I thought he was the prettiest chicken I had ever seen but I could not identify the source for the picture or even his brred. Some of the images were labeled as a "warhorse" but most of the breeders for warhorse gamefowl that I found, only had black fowl.

The next thing that caught my eye were some splash and blue mugs, so I begin to search for some eff sources for them. I obtained some eggs for Walter Hall line of racy mugs and hatched a spash pair of them. They were pretty but their offspring were very uniform in color. They also were a white base color and I wanted a black base color.

Walter Hall line of Racy mugs

I found another source for "spangled racy mugs" and ordered 6 eggs that resulted in a single black hen. I ordered 6 more eggs from this source and hatched 5 chicks. One was black with a lot of white, two were reddish and two were mostly black. I raised one of the reddish chicks and he was a pretty brown red stag with patterned chest. The black with lot of white chick matured into a beautiful black spangled hen. Unfortunately for me breeding the brown red stag into the black hen and the black spangled hen seemed to only produce black chicks.

I then crossed the Walter Hall line with the black spangled hen from the other line and produced 8-10 uniformly blue chicks. I kept 2 hens and a rooster from this line to work with, hoping that the F2 generation would bring more black spangles.

Spangled Racy mug
I also found a line of black spangled warhorse fowl and obtained some eggs from them. I hatched a really pretty black spangled stag with red hackles
Spangled Warhorse stag

2018 saw over 100 chicks hatched. A lot were from the F2 generation of the mug line crosses. I also crossed the warhorse stag with the mugs. The F2 generation of mugs produced a rainbow of variety in blues and splash with a few blacks. The war horse crosses resulted in a large number of black spangles and blues and that is the point I now am in selecting for the 2019 breedings.

I think I now have both "splash" and "spangled" chicksn and I am trying to determine how the genetics for them work. Splash genetics are explained on internet as black dominant and recessive splash with the heterozygous crosses being blue. I can't find information on the genetics for spangles but I suspect spangling is a recessive gene. What I'm trying to determine this year is how the splash and spangling interact.

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